Why Fitness Trackers are Important


It is common knowledge that exercise and physical activity are part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can range from intense, cardiovascular activity to simply walking. To stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, consider using a fitness tracker. Here are some of its benefits.


With a fitness tracker, you can set goals and engage in a little healthy competition against yourself. Try to walk more steps than you did yesterday, or run a bit faster. Research shows that wearing a fitness tracker can increase your activity levels by 30 percent!


Gym anxiety is a real thing. Many of us get paranoid about who is watching and if we are using the machines right. Fitness trackers can help block out all of these fears and allow you to focus on you. It can steer your thoughts back to your own goals and progress, so that you can remember who you are doing this for – yourself. 


Wearing a fitness tracker increases awareness. Some fitness apps also help you track calories consumed and water consumption.  They will even buzz you if you haven’t moved in a while! you set them up to remind you to move every hour or if you want.  Being aware of our everyday fitness is extremely important. Fitness trackers are a good way to stay aware of your fitness, remind you of your goals and a good reminder to keep on moving.


Many trackers come with apps that help you find other trackers in the area. Discover new workout groups and challenges in your community that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness trackers can help you become a healthier, happier version of you. Learn which ones are now compatible with Fit For Bucks. It’s time for a more active lifestyle!

5 Exercises to Reduce Stress

Everyday life can take its toll. Stress overcomes all of us, but it’s important to not let it get you down. Exercise and physical activity have been proven to relieve stress. Working out produces endorphins, the natural painkillers, and improves quality of sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Read this blog to learn what activities can lead to a more stress-free life.

High Energy Activities

This includes activities such as running, dancing, spinning, etc. An accelerated heart rate allows the body to release endorphins, causing a natural mood boost. Try engaging in a high energy activity at least twice a week. You are sure to notice a drastic change in your overall mood.


This workout strengthens the body and gives you a better sense of control. It offers a calmer alternative to higher energy activities. A mixture of pilates and other workouts provides the perfect balance that will calm the body and mind. You can go the extra mile by even walking to your local pilates studio, allowing you to rack up those steps to use for Fit For Bucks rewards!

Martial Arts

This workout form provides the perfect outlet for releasing energy, frustration and tension.


This is another workout to let go of frustration — having an outlet to release energy and anger drastically relieves stress. As with other high energy workouts, kickboxing can lead to better sleep, which contributes to the release of stress.

Outdoor Activities

Simply going outside and getting some fresh air can enhance your mood. Combining this with some form of exercise (like walking, running, biking, etc.) will help clear your mind and relieve some of that tension.


An active lifestyle leads to a healthier and happier you. Fit For Bucks provides the incentive to help you stay on track. It’s time to turn your steps into rewards! Visit our website to learn more.